About us



RK is a comprehensive CAD outsourcing companies based in India, is providing Outsource CAD Services to architects and all companies across the. We are doing surveyor & EPC services for London.  We have developed with the people we serve. We have served the major countries of the United States, Canada, Australia, US, UK…….ETC

Our Vision-Mission

The team at R.K. CAD DESIGNS are professional Draftsman & Graphic Designer, Image Editor with the experience, skills and techniques needed to make the most of your property’s features. whilst we ensure you receive the highest quality floor plans and real estate Image Editing & Photo Image.

What Our Clients Says

    The Client Always happy with our team. Because always we do deliver all work on time and good quality.

Al clients appreciate of my team.

Meet Our Team

John Doe
John DoeCEO
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Jenny Stephens
Jenny StephensDesigner
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Tony Williams
Tony WilliamsDeveloper
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